Time Warp 2016

We hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy our ‘TIME WARP 2016’ Exhibit. The physical exhibit is being deconstructed to make way for new plantings, but in honor of Indiana’s Bicentennial, we’ll continue to provide this information – – including the interpretive materials links below – – through 2016. Enjoy!

PrintEnjoy a stroll through Indiana Landscape History as Wellfield Botanic Gardens celebrates Indiana’s Bicentennial Year with this informative, educational exhibit in our Annual Garden:
Time Warp 2016: Snapshots of Indiana’s Landscape History

Hoosiers have a long-term relationship with the landscape, affecting the types of soils, plants and animals developing within the state. How we use the landscape changes through time with positive and negative impacts on the environment we see around us.

Time Warp 2016 Exhibit photos (7)This seasonal exhibit brings Indiana landscape history to life through beautifully creative and colorful plantings, functional gardening demonstrations and interpretive signage exploring and explaining:

  • Pre-human influences on our land
  • Early-human impacts
  • Modern agriculture and horticulture practices, and
  • Future gardening trends

To view interpretive materials online, click on the links below to explore the main themes of the exhibit, including a special handout, “How to Build a Polyculture Bed” in your own home landscape, as well more detailed plant informational signage and a complete listing of plants within the exhibit.