Sculpture in the Gardens: HEAVY METAL, featuring John Mishler

Sculpture in the Gardens: HEAVY METAL, featuring John Mishler, presented by the Elkhart County Convention and Visitors Bureau.


Wellfield Botanic Gardens is pleased to announce a NEW, collaborative sculpture exhibit, on display from May 13 through September 30, 2017. Presented by the Elkhart County Convention and Visitors Bureau, with support from Vision in Mission and Goshen College, the exhibit features ten large, metallic sculptures positioned thoughtfully around the gardens for viewing enjoyment. All sculptures incorporate ‘found’ or repurposed materials, an important component for sustainability of our natural resources!

John Mishler photoTwo of the pieces were created by nationally renowned art sculptor John Mishler, who specializes in the use of the common metals including aluminum, copper, steel, and stainless steel to create both abstract and symbolic works of art. Many of John’s outdoor pieces incorporate kinetic energy and have moving parts that turn with the wind. The “moving sculptures” have become John’s trademark. He has works in many public and corporate collections such as ESPN Zone, Chicago; Andrew Corp., Orland Park, IL; City of Elkhart, IN; Wisconsin Percent for Art Commission, U of Wisconsin; Madison & Walker & Co., and Reston, VA. He has works in private collections across the US, Canada & the South of France.

Mishler’s sculptures will be accompanied by eight additional large-scale sculptures created by John’s former students and colleagues from the Goshen, Indiana area. Sculptures are numbered 1 through 10 and can be viewed (in order) walking counter-clockwise around the Garden’s main walkway. The list of pieces on view include:

  1. SUMMER CAROUSEL / John Mishler / Painted Steel
  2. FUEGO Y HIELO / Clara Elizabeth Woodworth / Steel and Paint
  3. KING SQUIRREL / Sunday Mahaja / Painted Steel
  4. CASCADE / David Pauls / Steel
  5. WATER / Anya Slabaugh / Steel and Paint
  6. LUCK OF THE IRISH TREE / Sunday Mahaja / Aluminum
  7. GESTURE NO. 2 / Madeline Gerig / Steel, Paint, and Ceramics
  8. RIVERDALE IN BLOOM #1 / Clara Elizabeth Woodworth / Steel and Paint
  9. CELEBRATION WALTZ / John Mishler / Repurposed Aluminum
  10. IRON VORTEX / David Pauls / Steel

EG 4-4-2017 (31)Special events to accompany this limited-time exhibit include artist presentations, guided tours, and ‘meet the artist’ opportunities, to be scheduled throughout the exhibit run. Return to this page, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter or Instagram to learn more.

EG 4-4-2017 (21)

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