Quilt Garden 2020 – “Peace Crane” by Margaret Rolfe

Wellfield Botanic Gardens is thrilled to present its Quilt Garden Exhibit for 2020: “Peace Crane” by Margaret Rolfe ©2003

Wellfield PEACE CRANE Quilt Garden 2020 c2003 by Margaret RolfeWellfield is a proud participant in the QUILT GARDENS Along the Heritage Trail program coordinated and sponsored by the Elkhart County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Quilt Gardens and Quilt Murals are on display May–September for your viewing pleasure. In total, 17 gigantic gardens around Elkhart County feature more than a million vibrant blooms and 21 hand-painted super-sized quilt murals add to the visitor experience. 

The Quilt Gardens along the Heritage Trail joins quilting, gardening, and art into a one-of-a-kind seasonal event. This colorful patchwork of quilt inspired gardens and quilt-themed murals is linked by the roads that form the Heritage Trail.

Every quilt garden and quilt mural has its own intricate pattern, many are original designs and each has its own unique story. Each of our unique communities that host quilt gardens & murals has its own special character and fun finds you’ll want to explore.

In early May, Wellfield’s Quilt Garden space will be transformed from bare to brilliant as a dozen volunteers and staff led by Horticulture and Facilities Manager Josh Steffen decended upon the delivery of over 2000 plants to create “Peace Crane”, this year’s featured design, used with permission from its creator, Margaret Rolfe in 2003. This year’s design is themed for 季節 Kisetsu: The Year of the Island Garden 2020.

Peace Crane design by Margaret Rolfe 2003 with plant color drawing

Here are the plant species/cultivars and their counts used to create our 40’x40′ Quilt Garden:

  • Vinca Pacifica ‘Burgundy Halo’ = 974
  • Vinca Pacifica ‘Icy Pink’ = 306
  • Calibrochoa Cabaret ‘Blue Sky’ = 783

We’ll update additional photos of ‘Peace Crane’ as the garden ‘fills in’ over the course of the summer season.

If you’d like to visit more Quilt Gardens along the Heritage Trail, CLICK HERE or DOWNLOAD the Quilt Gardens along the Heritage Trail MAP here

Wellfield BG 'Peace Crane' QG 2020


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