Environmental Education Programs

We offer guided field trips for kids of all ages!

Wellfield Botanic Gardens offer hands-on, inquiry based programs designed to connect students to the natural world. All programs are aligned with Indiana State and National Science standards.


  • $4 per student participant
  • Teachers are Free
  • Required Chaperones are Free (Chaperone Requirements = 8:1 ratio)
  • Additional Chaperones over the required number are $3.50 each payable upon arrival.

Please schedule your field trip or in-school program at least 3 weeks in advance.  Programs are scheduled Tuesday through Friday.  Program fees are due 2 weeks in advance to secure your date.

**Program fees apply on Tuesday for all school field trips and visits.

Field Trip Scholarship Application

Educational Programs

All programs can be presented for students of all ages and all grade levels. Group size: Up to 60 Students. Duration: 2 hours

Sensory Scientists
Students become scientists by using their five senses to explore and observe the natural world.

Garden Safari
Students explore the connection between plants, animals and water.  They learn how ground water travels through different soil types and where living things find the water they need.

Round and Round We Go
Students examine and compare the different stages of the life cycles of plants and animals.

Growing Up Green
Students identify plant parts, growth and development through hands on activities and exploration.

Amazing Adaptations
Students discover how animals and plants live in their habitat and adapt to changes in their environment.

What’s Eating You?
Students explore ecosystems and food webs. They observe the interconnectedness of decomposers, predators and prey.

Energy Road
Students explore the sun as the source of all energy and how energy transfers through an ecosystem.

Food: Where Does Your Food Come From? Planting a Garden

Water: Protecting Our Most Valuable Resource

History: The Aquifer, Well Fields, and Super Funds

Sustainability: Protecting Our Earth and Environment

We will work with you to build programs around your science curriculum requirements; If you have an idea, call us!

For more information email m.kinsey@wellfieldgardens.org or call the Wellfield Botanic Gardens Environmental Educator at 574-266-2006 ext 106

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