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The Children’s Garden at Wellfield Botanic Gardens!

Children's Garden

Look Up! Look Down! Look all Around! There is so much to see. 

Thanks to a generous gift from the Rex and Alice A. Martin Foundation, the Children’s Garden opened in August of 2018.

The Children’s Garden’s design objectives include:

The Children’s Garden features:

Children’s Garden Guidelines

We invite you to PLAY!  Our most important guideline is RESPECT. In the interest of preserving a safe, educational and family-friendly environment for our guests and a secure habitat for our plants, wildlife and property, please observe the following:

  1. LOOK and LISTEN: These gardens are filled with life everywhere! The plants, animals and insects are at home in our gardens.  Walk carefully so you do not step on plants. Watch from a distance so we don’t scare animals away and let all the living things go about their business of growing, eating and moving.
  2. Explore Together: Children should accompany their adults in the Children’s Garden.
  3. Walk on the Paths: Help protect our flowers and wildlife by walking only on the paths. Enjoy observing the flower beds, waterfalls, and boulders from the walk paths.
  4. Put it back where you found if: If you use a tool or read a book or play with a garden resource, put it back where you found it so you can use it again on your next garden visit.
  5. Respect Wildlife: Please observe with your eyes and ears only and do not feed or interact with wildlife – birds – fish – animals.
  6. Take only Photographs and Memories. Leave only Footprints: It is tempting to pick beautiful leaves, flowers, and fruits, but please leave them attached to their plants.
  7. Be Healthy – Be Courteous – No Smoking: The Wellfield Botanic Gardens and parking lots are smoke-free.
  8. Please, No Dogs: While Members can bring their dogs into Wellfield with an Annual Dog Membership, dogs are not allowed within the Children’s Garden.
  9. Drink water only from the orange, triple drinking fountain (and fill your water bottle on the nozzle on the back of the drinking fountain!)
  10. Shoes must be worn everywhere, with the exception of the sand play area.

Don’t forget our F.A.Q.’s and Garden Etiquette – Click here to learn more

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