In order to ensure that all properties, buildings and grounds are enjoyed by every guest, Wellfield Botanic Gardens has created specific visitor guidelines and policies. These policies protect the rights of every guest’s positive experience at Wellfield Botanic Gardens. Please review these guidelines with respect for others who will have their own unique experience whether it is alongside you or sometime in the future.

Wellfield Botanic Gardens Dog Policy
Wedding and Private Party Information
Wellfield Professional/Commercial Photography Policy

Protect our Gardens:
•    Plants grow by the inch but die by the foot. Stay on pathways and mowed turf areas.
•    Enjoy from a distance. Do not walk on mulched or planted garden beds.
•    Do not pick flowers, disturb or remove plants, collect or remove seeds, flowers, fruits, vegetables, plant labels or any other part of the gardens.
•    Park your vehicle only in the designated parking areas of our guest parking lot.
•    Enjoy the sounds of nature…radios or music from other electronic devices is not allowed.
•    Do not solicit or petition the other visitors to the gardens.
•    The water is for observation only. Please do not stand in or on the fountains, pool borders or ponds.
•    Local noise ordinances must be observed by all visitors.
•    In order to keep children safe and so your family might enjoy this experience together, we ask that children are accompanied by an adult at all times.
•    Shoes and shirt must be worn at all times.

•    All professional and/or commercial photographers are required to call the Visitor’s Cottage to schedule your photography session and obtain a permit.  Please call 574.266.2006, ext 105 for assistance, or email
•    If you are part of a wedding or bridal party, please review and follow the rules and guidelines in the Wellfield Professional/Commercial Photography Policy.
•    Any commercial projects must be reviewed and authorized on a case by case basis.  No photos or videos can be sold or used commercially without authorization.
•    Photographs of another individual may not be taken without his/her consent.  Without consent, all previously taken photos must be deleted upon request.

Wildlife at Wellfield
•    This is their home! Do not feed, attempt to handle, or chase any animals.
•    Pets are not allowed on the premises with these two exceptions:
1. Identified service animals are allowed.
2. Dogs that are a part of our dog membership program (a benefit of and add-on to membership)

If you’re an Artist:
•    We invite you to bring a light collapsible chair or stool, but please no lawn chairs.  Remember to position your chair or stool in a grassy area or large paved area, keeping all walkways clear for other visitors.
•    Create from a distance. Respect the environment by staying out of planted or mulched areas.
•    Leave it the way you found it by disposing of any water you may use for watercolors in a sink.  Disposing of waste water on walkways, benches, rocks, plants or garden areas would discolor or destroy them.

Drugs and Smoking:
•    Keep a clear head and clean air.  WBG is a drug-free and tobacco-free environment. Drugs, cigarettes, other tobacco products, e-cigarettes and ‘vape’ devices are not allowed on the property.

Bringing food into Wellfield Botanic Gardens
•    Brown bag lunches are allowed.
•    Coolers, lawn chairs (or blankets spread on the ground), grills and other “picnicking” equipment are not allowed.  Keep it simple.
•    Visitors are invited to enjoy alcohol served at special events, but no outside alcohol is allowed.
•    Food may be allowed at special, ticketed events. Please dispose of all trash in provided trash or recycle bins.

Group meetings or gatherings:
•    Any formal or informal gathering requiring equipment rental or food service must contact or 574-266-2006 for advanced space rental.

Have fun…Be safe:
•    Stay dry!  Please no wading or swimming in ANY of the water features.
•    Keep our trees safe, too! Do not climb trees.
•    This is a place to observe, reflect and learn. No climbing, running, games or sports.
•    Scooters, “wheelie” shoes, bicycles, skates or skateboards are not allowed.
•    Sculptures are art. Please don’t play or climb on them.
•    It’s a family experience. Stay with and attend to children at all times.

Personal Property and Liability:
•    Firearms are not allowed in Wellfield Botanic Gardens.
•    Protect our gardens! Please do not hang backpacks, props or clothing on trees or plants.
•    Keep all your personal items with you at all times.
•    If you find an item that does not belong to you, please turn it in to the Visitor’s Cottage ‘lost and found’.
•    Wellfield Botanic Gardens reserves the right to ask any visitor to leave for inappropriate or offensive behavior as deemed by Garden staff or representative.
•    Wellfield Botanic Gardens will hold visitors liable for any damage to the Gardens.
•    Wellfield Botanic Gardens disclaims responsibility for any personal/property damage or loss.

Thank you for partnering with us to maintain and enjoy this natural beauty for years to come. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding of the mission and purpose of Wellfield Botanic Gardens. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email or call 574-266-2006, x105.