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Japanese-inspired ISLAND GARDEN

Island Garden Bridge

After careful planning and thoughtful design, years of the highest-quality construction, and painstaking hours of care toward creating authentic features, the Island Garden is a reality. Under the watchful eye of the Island Garden’s mastermind and renowned Japanese Garden designer, Sadafumi ‘Sada’ Uchiyama, the public opening of the Island Garden occurred on Friday, May 22, 2020. The Japanese-inspired Island Garden is a gift from Don (1944-2014) and Jurate Krabill. 

While a mere one acre in size, the Island Garden is loaded with stunning views and intentional landscape design called miegakure, a garden design concept that can be observed in many gardens in Japan and China, usually translated as ‘hide and reveal’. Miegakure design is meant to obscure or ‘hide’ some portion of the garden from the viewer from any single viewpoint. Sada designed the Island Garden in such a way that the entire garden composition is not seen from any one point, as is often the case with Western garden design. A stroll-style garden, the Island Garden is intended to be walked around and experienced rather than viewed from one place. Carefully composed views are created so that visitors move from one scene to the next as they travel along the pathways.

The Island Garden includes:

Guests are encouraged to stroll this garden and enjoy its beauty, peace and tranquility while observing a few simple rules:

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