Art in the Gardens

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Artistic Expressions…
Wellfield Botanic Gardens invites you to enjoy the “artistic expressions” of many talented, local artists made possible by our generous donors.  Each sculpture enhances your Garden experience by capturing the essence and beauty we all hope to find as we become a part of nature.

Wellfield Botanic Gardens Art in the Gardens Descriptions (PDF)

WIND SCULPTURE – Donated by The Wendzonka Family
Whitaker’s wind sculptures are found all over the world celebrating
Whitaker’s wind sculptures are found all over the world celebrating the simple joy of
elegant movement.

As an artist, I can express my concern for the survival of the planet through a creative medium.
– Lyman Whitaker, artist

TETHYS – Donated by Geoff & Kathie Church and Chuck & Janice Grodnik
Our aquatic goddess of all sources of fresh water stands 8 feet tall and is made of bronze. In Greek mythology, she is the daughter of Uranus and Gaia, an archaic Titaness.

When you attempt to model the figure, forget about the current style, forget about making a statement, forget about being cutting edge, just observe your world carefully and create an image that will convey that world to those who follow. – Harold ‘Tuck’ Langland, artist

SYMPHONY OF LOVE – Donated by John & Judy Goebel
The bronze pair of herons enthralls visitors with their courtship dance keeping time with the wind and the songs of the water birds in the distance.

‘Symphony of Love’ depicts a story of two, great blue heron that have found in each other their life partner. They flare their elegant feather plumes, and dance together in the symphony of love.
– Ben Foster, artist

BIRCH GOVE – Donated by Dick & Anne Treckelo
The entrance of the Event Garden is enhanced by ten steel birch trees, an artistic
expression which blends local industry and architecture with nature and art. Climbing plants planted along the base add natural beauty.

The Birch Grove feature reflects my experience in site master planning and overall goal of creating multiple panoramic views within the garden. – Dennis Buettner, artist

MOTHER’S DAY – Donated by Stuart & Paula Barb
The bronze mother and cubs frolic in their idyllic setting as they represent American

I enjoy creating special pieces and monuments and working closely with clients to create a sculpture that accurately portrays their vision. – Ken Bjorge, artist

THE DOVECOTE WEATHERVANE – Donated by Matthew Barb & Catherine Chung
Every time the wind blows eight doves take flight keeping a watchful eye over all that nature brings to the main pond and surrounding gardens.

Look to the sky for art is everywhere in this garden. – Karl Kiehnau, artist

ROOSEVELT ELK – Donated by Doug & Barbara Grant
Standing in the Elk Garden, at 125% of life size, he represents the life and heart of the Elkhart community. His majestic height demands attention to the detail and motion expressed in this awe inspiring sculpture.

If you gaze at him long enough you may catch him breathing! – Ken Bjorge, artist

AMERICAN OTTER – Donated by Bob & Sue Stone
Share the afternoon sun with this delightful creature who would be a rare but natural sight on the waterways of North America.

‘My art is a visual vehicle for the awe in the stillness and observation I experience when in nature, preserving what I see and feel. – Cara Lawson-Ball, artist

BELTED KINGFISHER – Donated by Dean & Judy Kelly
Spend some time spying on a pair of kingfishers who add a playful scene near the
Japanese Bridge.

The vision and talent of local artists adds to the beauty of this local treasure. – Jack Turnock, artist

WIND SCULPTURE – Donated by the Jacqueline MacKenzie Family
All of Lyman’s wind sculptures are produced by hand. They are innovative and artistic with a high degree of mechanical integrity; they are well respected for their quality craftsmanship.

My sculptures are organic and natural like vegetation and are enjoyed best in interactive settings where they are viewed over time. – Lyman Whitaker, artist

– Donated by The Richardson Family: Matt, Leslie & Mark
An eternal symbol of strength and freedom, the American Eagle sculpture inspires those who linger to accept its message and soar.

I specialize in realistic and contemporary life size and monumental bronze sculptures and have been a professional Artist for 28 years. – David Nelson, artist