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A Legacy of Giving

Our office frequently receives calls from people who are passionate about the Gardens asking how they can make an end-of-life gift to help sustain the gardens.
Simply talk to your financial planner or your attorney. In updating your Will, you can make a specific bequest that, upon your death, a specific monetary gift goes into the WBG Endowment Fund. That fund is held by the Community Foundation of Elkhart County. You may also contact them directly at 574-295-8761 or online.

By planning ahead, you create your own legacy at Wellfield Botanic Gardens as your gifts help fulfill its mission and secure its future. There are several types of planned gifts to choose from, some of which may provide tax benefits.

A bequest is the transfer of cash, securities, or other property through a will or living trust.  Bequests can be a specific amount, percentage of your estate, percentage of your residual estate or specific property.  You can decide whether you want to support Wellfield Botanic Gardens generally, support a specific program, or help the Gardens build its endowment. Regardless of your preference, your gift will go a long way in ensuring our Gardens are available for our community, and other visitors, to enjoy for many generations to come.

You can name Wellfield Botanic Gardens as the primary or contingent beneficiary on the beneficiary designation form for your retirement plan. This may be the most tax efficient way to support our Gardens.

Options include:
•    Naming Wellfield Botanic Gardens as the beneficiary of an existing policy
•    Transferring ownership of an existing policy
•    Purchasing a new policy naming Wellfield Botanic Gardens as the owner and beneficiary and donating premium payments.

Please consult your legal or tax advisor to learn more about how you can benefit from using these methods of supporting Wellfield Botanic Gardens.

If you have included Wellfield Botanic Gardens in your plans, please share this information with us.  We want to celebrate your gift and properly thank you for your generosity and support.  Should you choose to remain anonymous, we will certainly respect those wishes.  The details of your gift will always remain confidential.

If you are considering a legacy gift, please contact your estate attorney and tax advisor to determine the best way to realize your philanthropic goals.  If you have already included Wellfield Botanic Gardens in your estate plans, please contact Eric Garton, Robert and Peggy Weed Executive Director Chair at (574) 266-2006 or

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