Environmental Education Volunteer Training

Providing educational experiences is a key part of our educational programming and Mission at Wellfield. This Environmental Education Training for volunteers can take many forms. Training will provide an introduction to environmental education as well as the techniques to deliver a great experience for our guests of all ages. We will offer ongoing training throughout the year.    
You might find the weekly Interpretive Garden Training Walks held Thursdays at 2:30 to be a great resource in preparing to help with field trips. And join our private Facebook group: Wellfield Environmental Education Volunteers by going to https://www.facebook.com/groups/WellfieldEE/ and asking to join!


Trainings explore many topics of learning, including:

  1. The changing ways children learn: Public and Private schools and SCIENCE
  2. Nature based and Play based learning models 
  3. Child & Nature Network / Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD)
  4. Wellfield Botanic Gardens as our living classroom
  5. Kinderforest program models: Creative learning outdoors, in the woods, and year round
  6. The art of Interpretation
    • How to interpret a garden
    • Spontaneity! Living in the moment 
    • Being comfortable with what you know – and what you don’t!
  7. The TEAM approach to field trips 
  8. Finding the comfort zone and balance in interpreting Wellfield Botanic Gardens for field trips and visitors
  9. Know your audience – – Learning on the fly what to say – what NOT to say – and when to listen

We’re looking for YOU
All volunteers are welcome and encouraged to attend these ongoing training opportunities. No prior experience required … simply bring your curiosity and love for sharing Wellfield with others. If you have never volunteered with field trips, this is a great way to get started. If you have volunteered with field trips in the past, this is a good time to learn about the new way we are using the entire Garden as our living classroom resource.

Additional Resources
If you are interested in reading about some of the teaching methods and models we use for Wellfield environmental education, you might enjoy the following links to resources:

  1. Kinder Forest Program at Goshen College 
  2. Child & Nature Network. Children at serious play article 
  3. The Child & Nature Network.  Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD) 
  4. Author Richard Louv, the CNN Movement 
  5. Purdue Nature Learning Curriculum
  6. Environmental Education Association of Indiana

Environmental Education Field Trip Training Information
[More info coming soon!] Download an information sheet of overarching themes for Wellfield Environmental Education field trips.

For more information or if you have questions, contact Melissa Kinsey, Environmental Educator at m.kinsey@wellfieldgardens.org or 574-266-2006 ext 106

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