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Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society
It may come as a surprise that the definition of a native species is not at all clear or agreed upon. Simply put, a native plant species is one that has occurred naturally in an area for a very long time. More specifically for Indiana, a native plant species is one that occurred in natural communities—natural plant associations and habitats—within the state boundaries prior to European contact. Regionally native species that naturally spread into the state following European contact may also be considered native. The emphasis on plant communities helps us to focus on ecosystems, where native plants play an essential role in the web of life. That same emphasis helps us incorporate native plants into our home landscapes, as it suggests we look at plant communities and how those translate into companion plantings.

Elkhart County Master Gardener Program
The Indiana Master Gardener is a program sponsored by Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service through the local county Extension Office. Master Gardeners is a volunteer training program designed to meet the information needs of the local gardening community. It is much more than a gardening class. Its specific aim is to provide information and technical assistance about gardening and home horticulture through the use of qualified volunteers. Participants in the program volunteer their services in the community.

Purdue University Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory
A central facility for receiving both physical samples and digital images submitted for identification of insects, plants and plant diseases or diagnosis of plant and pest problems. This service is provided for the specialists and county extension educators of the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service and Purdue University’s research faculty, staff, and students as well as for private businesses and citizens of Indiana.

Flower Care Tips – Essential Guide on How to Care for Your Flowers

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