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Yoga and Tai Chi summer schedule to be announced soon! Check back soon for link.

Wellfield 5-16-2018 (10)Natural Building Materials Essentials Workshop

Session 1: Friday, June 15, 3-7:30 p.m. and
Session 2: Saturday, June 16, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Member: $85 for both days
Public: $110 for both days
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Intro to Beekeeping: A 3-Part Series with Beekeeper Stephen Pearson


Three, 2-Hour Sessions
Saturday, March 3, 9-11 a.m. – Class 1 – Getting to Know Your Bees
Saturday, March 10, 9-11 a.m. – Class 2 – Setting Up Your Hives
Saturday, March 17, 9-11 a.m. – Class 3 – Maintaining Your Hives
Limited to 10 students

Are you interested in honeybees or have you ever considered beekeeping as a hobby? Here’s your chance to get up close and personal with the wonderful world of beekeeping! Wellfield Botanic Gardens’ Volunteer Beekeeper, Stephen Pearson provides a practical approach to learning, with hands-on demonstrations combined with in-class presentations, handouts, and other resources to get you started. The 3-part series will show you how to setup your hives, you’ll learn about honeybees (and how to tell from imposters!), maintaining your hives across the seasons, and the basics of honey harvesting. All class participants receive helpful handouts, detailed supply resources (a checklist of what you’ll need and where to get it to get started) and hands-on demonstrations. Participants will also receive their own copy of “First Lessons In Beekeeping” by Dr. Keith Delaplane [Soft cover; 166 pages with 150 color illustrations]. This book is a great companion to the classes and introduces the prospective beekeeper to the basics of beekeeping through easy-to-understand text and numerous color photos on honey, bee biology, beekeeping equipment, management, honey production and processing, as well as disease diagnosis and treatment. Classes are intended for ages 13 and up; class size is limited, register in advance to confirm your space.

Member: $50 for all three classes
Public: $65 for all three classes

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Advanced Beekeeping: A 3-Part, Hands-on Series with Beekeeper Stephen Pearson

20150718_165834Three, 2-Hour Sessions
Saturday, April 7, 9-11 a.m. – Class 1
Saturday, April 14, 9-11 a.m. – Class 2
Saturday, April 21, 9-11 a.m. – Class 3

Limited to 10 students

Created for popular demand, this NEW class series led by Beekeeper Stephen Pearson will get you firsthand experience with your newfound hobby. Stephen provides a practical approach to this advanced, hands-on workshop series in which you’ll take what you’ve learned in the Intro to Beekeeping series and put it to practical use through installing bees in a hive, tending hives over the course of two weeks, and delving further into identification, diagnosis, and treatment of hive pests. You’ll learn even more about feeding, maintenance, and even splitting a hive through practical experience, as well as overwintering and the tools and equipment required for harvesting honey from your frames. A firm interest and/or having taken an “Intro to Beekeeping Series” is recommended. Please note: a bee suit and hive tool are required materials for each student (registrants are provided with a resource list in advance of the class). Your registration also includes a private consultation at your home hive with Stephen to be scheduled at your convenience. Classes are intended for ages 13 and up; class size is limited, register in advance to confirm your space.

Member: $50 for all three classes
Public: $65 for all three classes

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Plein Air Painting
Coming Spring 2018
(Class size is limited to 15)
Adult $85
Members $68

Class instructor will supply all materials, included with the cost of the class.
This class is a way to create a “tool kit” for approaching the centuries old tradition of plein air painting (French for “in the open air”). Students will learn a variety of foundation techniques and tools, which will act as building blocks and skills to improve the painter’s abilities while painting and drawing in open air. Our class in May 2017 sold out! Please call our office 574-266-2006 or email to add your name to the wait list if you are interested in a future class.

Landscape for Life Series (5 Classes, plus Individual Design Session)
Beginning September 4, 2018
Based on the principles of the Sustainable Sites Initiative, this course trains homeowners on sustainable gardening practices
Visit our Landscape for Life webpage for full class details,  pricing, and registration.

For more information email or call (574)266-2006