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We Believe …

We believe having fun is required!
Wellfield Botanic Gardens is a place of joy…a place to be entertained and play!  

We believe that education is an essential part of our guests’ experience.
Nature is a classroom. Between available programs and the environment, we’ve created a place to learn new things about our world. The more you know, the more  you’re enriched.

We believe nature is a gift.
Yes, we love nature!  We believe in the sustainability, preservation and enhancement of our environment. 

We believe the secret to a good life is getting out of doors!
Body, mind and spirit are rejuvenated by the sights, sounds, and fragrances of nature.  Gardens have healing attributes and must be embraced and indulged in early and often. 

We believe art is everywhere.
Creativity and inspiration is evident in a garden and there’s no better backdrop to artistic expressions than nature. Our sculptures are the best motivators for enthusiastic artists; we encourage development of future art forms.

We believe our neighborhood expands and community is built through people gathering together.
Wellfield is a catalyst of what is and what is to come in our community, both physically and philosophically. The Gardens are a representation of new growth as a community has come together to share their resources and create a place of serenity and beauty for generations to come. It is the gateway to Elkhart…the welcome center as we gather to celebrate nature and invite everyone to enter into the spirit of this community.

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