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Wellfield Botanic Gardens are located in the Garden District of Elkhart, Indiana.  This neighborhood is considered the northern gateway to downtown Elkhart and boasts of stately, historic homes, tree shaded streets and beautiful landscaping.  Wellfield Botanic Gardens is the “icing on the cake” where a neighborhood stroll ends in a perfect blend of beauty and nature.

“We are very excited at Ruthmere Museums Campus to have Wellfield Botanic Gardens as an attraction neighbor in the Garden District of the Downtown Elkhart Riverwalk Culture Trail. The aesthetic beauty and historic connection between the Havilah Beardsley House, the Wellfield Gardens and Ruthmere is like a wrapped Christmas present with Christiana Creek as the binding ribbon that ties the story all together.  Through a discounted admissions partnership, we encourage visitors to enjoy opening this Elkhart gift by planning an unforgettable single-day tour taking in all three sites located on the north side of the St. Joseph River.”
–  Bill Firstenberger, Executive Director, Ruthmere Museums Campus

“Having a property close to Wellfield Botanic Gardens is an asset and a selling point. The Gardens have impacted my property with a higher property appraisal.  Wellfield Botanic Gardens is a benefit to the entire community.”
–  Levi King, property owner

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