May Day and…Boot Camp?

Today is May Day, a celebration of flowers, or a day often celebrated with flowers, but how about doing something a little different this year? Celebrate the beginning of May by starting a vegetable garden!

This spring, we are offering our popular class series: Ecological Gardening Boot Camp. The upcoming class in the series focuses on planning and growing your own vegetables, with an emphasis on an organic approach. Whether you are a beginner or venerated vegetable veteran, there is something for everyone. Each class is held outside, under a tent, with socially distant arrangements considered. Future classes address everything from fruit trees to organic lawn care – click the link above to find out more! You can choose to attend one class, or purchase the series and save more!

Growing up, I disliked tending to the vegetables in our garden because it was hot and hard work and…well you know the drill. Many of you have probably suffered as I did. Somewhere along the way, my parents must have brainwashed me, but I woke up one day in college and said, “Self, I think vegetable growing is pretty rad. I cannot wait until I can grow a few of my own.” I just wish there had been a class at Wellfield for me then. If there had been, I would not have had to spend four years at a big university, getting a fancy horticulture degree to grow some delicious tomatoes. I guess we have to learn some things the hard way eh? Learn from me and sign up for Wellfield’s upcoming classes. You will be glad you did.

Josh Steffen, Horticulture and Facilities Manager

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