Mow High – I mean really high!!!!

It’s been a little busy this week, with the installation of our OrigamiintheGarden exhibit! Josh thought it would be a great time to revisit one of his favorite seasonal reminder blogs, now that everyone is starting to fire up that mower. Here’s a thought: WAIT. Read on to learn more!

We’re open 10-6 Daily, our parking lot is accessible despite the construction barriers – come in and see us!

Wellfield Botanic Gardens

No, this is not an endorsement for certain recreational activities, but rather a little encouragement as the dog days of summer (which really have nothing to do with man’s best friend, but that’s another story) settle in. I feel so strongly about this topic, I’m even going to reiterate some of my earlier posts about mowing.

My wife and I had a bet going earlier in the season while watching our various neighbors (not that we watch our neighbors as a habit mind you), to see who would be the first Lawn Rancher out of the gate this spring, intent on bending each leaf of grass under the mower’s blade. It feels great, does it not? It feels like you are really doing something, mowing the lawn. Getting at it early. We do not want the neighbors to think ill of us, do we now? Inevitably every spring/summer, one of…

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