A new day, a new way to say Thank You

A Summer Evening on the Island Garden logoEveryday at Wellfield is a day of thanks – – from those whose vision inspired Wellfield Botanic Gardens over 15 years ago to those who, on a daily basis, allow Wellfield to further its important mission: the staff, volunteers, our valued members, community supporters and sponsors, as well as the leadership of our Board of Directors. 

An annual celebration had developed in the form of A Summer Evening in the Gardens, a way to thank our Annual Partners, donors, and sponsors through a delicious meal and conversation around intimate tables – our largest gathering for dinner throughout the year with over 400 friends in 2019. Well… You know how this story changes in 2020…

Call it a “pivot” or whatever buzz word you’d like – – this is a year to think outside of the box. It’s a time to unleash the creativity and ‘when life gives you lemons…‘-mentality of those who are able to adapt to their environment. As people whose lives and passions are a garden, the shift comes easy. When you’re accustomed to responding to weekly, daily, or even hourly changes in the weather, this sort of flexibility is a way of life! 

And when you’re celebrating an entire YEAR of 季節 Kisetsu: The Year of the Island Garden, highlighting Japanese culture and its many artistic contributions to the world through special events, activities, and our NEW Japanese-inspired “Island Garden”, a gift from Don and Jurate Krabill, you blend the two and create A Summer Evening on the Island Garden! – – in fact you create 3 dates throughout the summer with limited capacities to ensure social distancing, you switch up the food from plated meals at a table to delicious, Japanese-inspired passed hors d’oeuvres crafted and served by Navarre Catering and Events and invite your friends to explore our beautiful new addition while learning about its authentic Japanese design features!

Our theme for 2020: 季節 “Kisetsu”, translates to season or time of year. Our actions this year speak to the elements of seasonality and the Japanese concept of 物の哀れ mono no aware’, a sensitivity to the ephemeral or impermanence of all things.

Though this day, this season, and our lives on this earth are ephemeral, we are eternally grateful to those who continue to serve our community through support of Wellfield Botanic Gardens. To our Annual Partners, event sponsors throughout the year, Members, and sponsors of Summer Evening on the Island Garden: Thank you.

Summer Evening on the Island Garden Sponsors are named for Japanese stone lanterns found on the Island Garden; each representing a guiding light and vision of hope for others to follow; Please help us in thanking them:

Tonight, July 21, is the first Summer Evening on the Island Garden event. To purchase tickets to upcoming Summer Evening on the Island Garden dates, August 18 and September 15, please visit the event webpage. Sponsorships are still available. 

On behalf the Board of Directors including Chair Ken Carr and Summer Evening on the Island Garden Event Committee Chairs Janet Evanega and Joel Duthie, thank you for your continued support of Wellfield Botanic Gardens – – see you on The Island!

-Eric Garton
Robert and Peggy Weed Executive Director

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