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Seven Summer Vegetables You Can Still Plant for a Fall Harvest

This past weekend, I planted my last round of vegetables for this summer vegetable growing season. I then came inside and stumbled across a YouTube video on the very topic, thus prompting this post. The following list of vegetables (though certainly not exhaustive) may be yet planted with the expectation of at least a partial harvest.

  1. Summer squash – it is not too late to give some of the shortest maturing varieties a try. 
  2. Cucumbers – The same deal can be expected of cucumbers. They start turning out a partial harvest before the first frost in October.
  3. Bush beans – I have been sowing bush beans every two weeks since June to ensure a continuous harvest. The batch I planted this past weekend should be cranking out the goods as October bids a final farewell to summer warmth.
  4. Beets – This root crop much prefers cool weather, but it can be sown throughout the growing season. A note of caution: I have had spotty results when the soil warms above beet seeds optimal germination temperatures. If you are a lover of beets, as am I, it might be worth sowing some and hoping for a little bit of yummies (i.e. low expectations until cool weather returns).
  5. Carrots – My favorite vegetable of all is, like beets, a crop for any time sowing. However, I have discovered, through resources like Johnny’s Selected Seed, there are early season, main season and fall season carrots.
  6. Kale – Sow this leaf crop now, and it will be coming into its prime this fall as the cool weather enhances and changes the flavor.
  7. Peas – Surprisingly, pod peas such as snow, sugar or snap peas will still produce a crop, however reduced if sown this time of year.

Though summer is passing quickly, it is not too late to make something of your vegetable garden if you feel left behind by the odd weather patterns.

Josh Steffen, Horticulture and Facilities Manager

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