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Wait to Mow!

The grass will begin to grow eventually – really it will, I promise – and you will soon hear the familiar Saturday morning hum of your neighbor’s favorite riding mower, as he or she seeks, micro-brew in hand, to convert their little house on the prairie into a putting green worthy of Tiger himself. Resist the temptation to join them, I beg of you. Why? Let me explain. Besides the fact that I recommend raising the mowing height (to be discussed at a later date), there are many other good reasons to wait to mow your grass.

The bees and I would like to put a plug in for those “weeds” in your yard. I am talking about the poor old taraxacum, or dandelion. The dandelion, among other winter annuals, blooms early in spring just when honey bees and other insects begin to forage yummies for their winter starved tummies. Wait until at least a mass of them are about to go to seed before you butcher them. There will be plenty of time this summer for doing tricks on your zero-turn. Wait a while, and make those little honeys happy. Your local apiarist, not to mention your lawn, will thank you for your patience!

Josh Steffen
Horticulture Manager

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