Has It Crested Yet?

Christiana Creek drains roughly 3% of the 4,685 square mile St. Joseph River Watershed. It’s a 10-mile-long creek that originates at Christiana Lake in Cass County, Michigan, running south toward the Indiana state line, under the Toll Road, under County Road 6, through Christiana Creek Country Club and then through our beloved Wellfield Botanic Gardens before emptying into the St. Joseph River just south of High Dive Park in Elkhart.

St. Joseph River watershed and Christiana Creek

Christiana Creek normally occupies about 83 surface acres of water… during the recent flooding, it’s occupied a little more, including several acres of Wellfield Botanic Gardens. Due to the heavier rains in southwestern Michigan, and Wellfield’s position at the ‘end’ of Christiana Creek, the waters have not yet begun to recede. 

Wellfield will be CLOSED this weekend (February 24-25) due to the flooding.

Here are some photos taken the morning of February 23, 2018.

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