Why the Real Deal?

So this post is really directed toward my wife. We go through the same argument – I mean discussion – every Christmas season. She makes the case for procuring a FAKE evergreen tree to decorate, while I advocate for the REAL DEAL.

I understand the points she makes, championing fakeness, such as…

  • It is “cheaper” in the long run, not buying a tree every year
  • Quicker to assemble
  • She does not need my assistance, necessarily, going to get the tree
  • Less messy (as needles start to drop)
  • It “saves” a tree
  • Blah
  • Blah
  • Blah

But I say, there are soooo many more pros to a real live tree, such as…

  • Supporting local Christmas tree farmers
  • No evergreen tree should be “assembled”; there is just something wrong with that picture
  • Cannot recycle most synthetic trees, but you can repurpose or reuse
  • The whole family experience of going, picking out the tree, bringing it home, putting it up, etc. Come on, it’s a Currier and Ives moment for sure.
  • WAY more avenues to reuse or recycle your live tree and decorations
  • And there are a million environmental benefits to live trees according to the National Christmas Tree Association (totally unbiased facts).

So there you go. I won that argument for sure…right honey…please? Post a comment to share your family’s holiday tradition!

Josh Steffen
Horticulture Manager

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