To Our Volunteers: THANK YOU

On a daily basis we give thanks to our members, our community, and our program participants for their support of Wellfield. But behind the scenes there is an often quiet force that enables all things to happen: our Volunteers. Whether tending the garden, greeting thousands of guests at admissions and special events, leading guided school tours, or preparing envelopes for important mailings, there is a constant hum throughout the year of our closest friends, ensuring that the Mission of Wellfield Botanic Gardens is being furthered in our community. Our Volunteers do this selflessly, working shoulder to shoulder with staff for the betterment of our beloved garden.

Last night we CELEBRATED our Volunteers. A deserved group, not looking for praise or thanks, but only to make Wellfield a better place. To these Volunteers, we say: THANK YOU.

Volunteer Appreciation Nov 7, 2017 (1)

Guest Services and Volunteer Manager Jodie Papandrea planned and executed a beautiful evening at the Matterhorn Conference Center, with the sole intention of recognizing the amazing work done throughout this past year by our volunteers. The evening was filled with great food, camaraderie, a photo slideshow, and a sincere outpouring of thanks from staff. Volunteers make our botanical world go round.

In total since the inception of the Volunteer Program at Wellfield (and legitimate tracking mechanisms have been in place) Volunteers have given over 13,800 hours of their precious time and talent! In 2017 alone – – and we’re not done with the year yet – – volunteers have logged over 3000 hours! In dollar-terms, the volunteer value of this time would represent approximately 15% of our annual operating budget for 2017. A precious gift, indeed!

If you would like to learn more about volunteering at Wellfield, visit our Volunteer page. And thanks to all who make Wellfield a special place!

-Eric Garton
Robert and Peggy Weed Executive Director

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