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To Cut or Not To Cut? That Is the Question

This week, we experienced the first frost of Autumn 2017 at Wellfield Botanic Gardens. For us, this means fall bed clean-up, and all that task entails, is just around the corner. I will discuss how we handle general bed clean-up in another post, however, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive has to do with what herbaceous perennials to cut back or leave to overwinter, and why.

There are a multitude of answers, not all of them based in horticultural scientific fact, and not all are covered here, of that I am sure. Here are a few reasons to cut or not to cut:

Whatever you do, consider why and then choose your course of action. A excellent resource found in our very own gift shop is The Well-Tended Perennial Garden by author Tracy DiSabato-Aust. Gardening is a great learning opportunity each year. Happy cutting.

Josh Steffen
Horticulture Manager


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