New Restroom Building Open at Wellfield!

We’re very excited to have increased our restroom capacity by 350% thanks to the generosity of private donors, including significant gifts from: Nancy Brock, Doug and Lisa Gaeddert, John and Judy Goebel, Marly and Laura Rydson, Mid-City Supply Company, Niblock Construction, and FM Construction Company.

Approximately 28 feet wide by 45 feet in length, the new restroom building was completed and first opened for use in June, with additional landscaping and external elements to be finalized at a later date. The restroom is situated in what is (and will increasingly be) a very heavily trafficked area at Wellfield, at the intersection of the Event Garden, Children’s Garden [which is under construction], Event Plaza, and [future] Celebration Garden where most larger-scale events occur. Complete with a ‘family’ restroom, the beautiful new restrooms are a welcome, ADA-accessible amenity after years of portable toilets (or simply having to wait until you returned to the Visitors Cottage!)

In addition to increasing restroom capacity, the building also serves two additional purposes – – a large back room provides greatly needed onsite storage for tables, chairs and other equipment for events, and the building serves as an electrical ‘hub’ that will service areas of the Garden (including the Children’s Garden, Waterfall Garden, Sensory Garden, and Adventure Path) where electricity was previously unavailable. You may have noticed the flowing waterfall at the Adventure Path as well as the bubbling stone fountain located in the Sensory Garden, both of which are now funtional because of the electrical access.

As with all Garden projects, Wellfield’s Building & Grounds Committee worked closely with contractors throughout the project to ensure the building fits with the Garden’s aesthetics, attention to quality, and meaningful details, including the acorn ‘rain chains’ that adorn the building’s two front corners. Another nice detail to look for: the carved wooden acorn suspended just above the entrance to the restrooms, beautifully created by master carpenter Doug Zachary, FM Construction’s site superintendent, who passed away tragically before the building was completed. Doug was inspired to add the adornment after viewing similar decorations on the Acorn Cottage located in the English Cottage Garden.

My sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to the completion of our gorgeous new restroom building, including our valued donors, contractors, volunteers, staff, and of course our MEMBERS and guests, without whom we wouldn’t have the increased need for this important new amenity which adds value to every visit! Special thanks to Building and Grounds Committee Chair Eric Amt, Wellfield’s project manager Dennis Smeltzer, and Tony Campanello and Carl Tiedemann of FM Construction for their patience, coordination, and contributions throughout the construction process.

Be sure to check out the photos below, and I look forward to seeing you at Wellfield!

-Eric Garton
Robert and Peggy Weed Executive Director


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