Educational Volunteers

April and May were busy months for school groups to visit Wellfield.  We still have students coming to the Gardens for educational tours and programs throughout the summer.  The students really enjoy their time learning about macro invertebrates, the life cycle of plants and animals, the water cycle and much more.

Wellfield volunteers do an awesome job encouraging students to ask questions and to be active in their learning.  Having a hands-on approach can really help children retain what they are learning.

I thank our volunteers for the passion and energy they bring to our educational programs.  The time that they give has a positive impact on our community.  The students are learning how they can help take care of our environment and how important clean water is to all of us.

Volunteers make our community a better place.  If you are interested in joining our volunteer team, please contact Jodie at  266-2006, or complete an online Volunteer Application.