We’ve got Worm Poop!

Now that you’ve planted your garden, you need to feed it! We’ve got just the boost you need – Organic Worm Castings!

What are worm castings, you ask? Simply put, they are worm poop (how eloquent; sorry, Mom!). For those of you requiring more detail, worm castings, also known as vermicast, are essentially earthworm waste, the end product of the breakdown of organic matter by composting worms.

We are excited to partner with Annette and Bob Webb at Raw Sustainable Living to offer their worm castings, also called My Garden’s Best Friend, in our retail shop. Don’t let the word “fertilizer” turn you off; this is an all-natural, organic, super powerful soil amendment that will enrich your plants. Let the pictures convince you – sprinkle this on your plants, and within a few days you will see the difference! The picture above shows two plants: the one on the right was sprinkled with worm castings 5 days before this picture was taken. The one on the left was untreated.

Annette will be stopping by our Visitor’s Cottage soon to answer questions you may have and to demonstrate the product; stay tuned to our Facebook page for dates, or ask at our Visitor’s Cottage, and we’ll let you know when she will be stopping in. In the meantime, feel free to stop in and pick up a bag. We have 5, 15 and 30 lb bags for sale, starting at $8 each.

See you at the Gardens!

Nina Cunningham
Visitor’s Cottage Manager