A lot can happen in a day!

Quilt Garden 5-16-2017 (1)
Wellfield’s Quilt Garden went from this…

In a single day, Wellfield’s newest completed feature, our Quilt Garden was transformed from bare soil and mulch to a gorgeous display pattern featuring the diversity of petunias highlighted by a splash of blue Salvia. As these plants grow in and spread, “Window to Waters” will appear, a tribute to what has created and sustained Wellfield through its first 12 years of existence.

1750 total individual plants were picked up from the supplier on Monday morning, transported to Wellfield in two trucks and a trailer, and pounced upon by a cadre of Wellfield’s committed volunteers, led by Horticulture Manager Josh Steffen who selected the plantings for our chosen quilt garden design. The four corners of “Window to Waters” represent the four pillars that made Wellfield what it is (and will continue to take it greater heights!). Those pillars are our Volunteers, the Vision of the Board of Directors, the hardworking and talented Staff, and of course the Community which supported the creation of Wellfield as not just a tourist destination and educational institution, but an economic driver, a gathering space, and most importantly, a significant factor in quality of place that so many are working together to achieve in our area. The flowers ranging from deep purple and blue to pink are Surfinia ‘Purple Majesty’, Surfinia ‘Heavenly Blue’, Surfinia ‘Baby Deep Purple’, and Surfinia ‘Pink Veined’.

Quilt Garden 5-22-2017
…to THIS, in a few hours thanks to dedicated volunteers and the leadership of Josh Steffen, Horticulture Manager

In the center of the quilt garden, Salvia ‘Velocity Blue’ creates a curvilinear diamond shape, representing the blue waters of Wellfield, a central focus in nearly aspect of Wellfield’s existence – – and something no life can exist without.

I urge you to watch the quilt garden as it develops and begins to shine brightly over the course of the season. Set alongside the (very lifelike!) gentleman of Seward Johnson’s “Inner World, Outer World” for a photo or selfie (#EpicArtAdventures) and enjoy a true community effort of Quilt Gardens Along the Heritage Trail across the county and the 57 Seward Johnson sculptures that adorn our county’s downtown areas.

Have a wonderful week and I hope to see you in the Garden!

-Eric Garton
Robert and Peggy Weed Executive Director

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