A Note from the Director: Growing Roots

While the mild winter weather has given us hopeful glimpses of spring, it’s important to remember the value of seasonality, the subtle but poignant changes over the course of a year that define our sense of place. And while we yearn for the bold, green leaves and the beautifully-colored flowers of summer, any good horticulturist will tell you it’s the growth you cannot see – the growth of a plant’s roots – that is most important in setting the stage for success. The same is true for botanic gardens like Wellfield. Yes, we are a ‘living museum’, a gorgeous, dynamic environment dedicated to inspiring creativity and education, fostering stewardship for our environment and growing community. But it’s often the changes we undergo behind the scenes, out of sight, that can make the most difference in our ability to fulfill that important Mission.

In 2016, Wellfield’s Board of Directors approved an investment in a vastly improved technology infrastructure; a comprehensive, interdepartmental software that allows key staff to spend more time serving our Mission – – through service to our members, our guests and our community – – and less time on administrative duties, that while necessary, can often distract from our purpose. As in nature, we embrace the fact that relationships make the world go ‘round. Making meaningful connections with our members and strengthening relationships is not only essential as a successful not-for-profit organization, but critical for our Mission point: growing community. These changes are intended not only to create internal efficiencies, but provide an added layer of convenience and service to our members and guests such as online engagement, educational resources, and reduced waste. While we love face to face interactions, we understand an increasing number of our audience appreciate digital convenience in their busy lives.

All that said, we know many of you have been supporting Wellfield for years. While integrating technology should appear seamless, the change, even if well-intentioned, can create challenges and we greatly appreciate your patience. As staff continues to fine tune our systems to meet the changing needs of our guests, inevitable hiccups will accompany advancements. I’d appreciate hearing from you. Feel free to email info@wellfieldgardens.org with comments, questions, or suggestions. We’re a community-driven organization and your input and support makes a difference. Stay informed by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and Instagram and subscribing to our blog at wellfieldgardens.org.

Hope to see you at Wellfield!

-Eric Garton

Robert and Peggy Weed Executive Director